Hyper Heroes Hack – Diamonds & Coins Cheats

Hyper heroes hack

Have you ever logged in into Hyper Heroes and wondered what would you do
if you had unlimited Soul Coins to spend them in that item in the store you
have been looking out for. What if I told you there is a secure way to hack
Hyper Heroes to enable infinite Souls Coins?

If you are new to the game, we have someuseful tips to help you start
the game through the right path.

Log in
everyday to receive especial gifts in the mail

waste your diamonds to evade queues or purchasing things you can purchase with

You should
save and try to collect Pure Relic Ore to upgrade your hero’s powers.

on the daily trials.

Donate to
a guild constantly as you get extra guild gold and guild coins.

But soul
stones for Bloodhoof, Onyx and Aiolos whenever possible

Raid the 4

slowly your mastery so you still receive daily mastery quests.

If you are new to the game, these tips will come
in handy as the most of them aim to help you once you progress further into the
game. Saving your resources like diamonds or Soul Coins can help you purchase
Soul Stones for powerful heroes that will give your team an edge over enemies.
It is also important you have balance in your teams, you cannot have all of
your bounce heroes. Technically speaking you CAN have a team composed of bounce
heroes, but you definitely shouldn’t, when you progress in the game you will be
able to distinguish a good team roster from a bad one.

Players always have that specific item in the store that they feel
attracted to, and it is almost impossible to purchase it in game because the
special currency for it is extremely hard to get. Most of the persons that have
this special item are persons that have purchased it with real money. With this
hack you could get unlimited Diamonds and Soul Coins to spend them in all those
items you have been longing for. It is pretty simple to use the hack.

Click on
the button

Follow the
instructions on the next page (its’s easier than this!)

Done! Get
your hacks and begin playing the game as you always do.

Now you can enjoy the free item that all the other players had to pay
for. Don’t worry, none of these hacks will damage your game or make you lose
your current progress. Now use the power that was bestowed on you wisely and
destroy everything that comes in your way. Use all the extra oomph you
purchased and use it to promote your heroes and make them stronger.

Have you been longing to buy Onyx on the Expedition store, or maybe
Bloodhoof from the Ace store? Don’t sweat it, we got you covered. Just follow
the instructions provided above and you will have Onyx on your roster before
you can see it. With the hack tool you will be able to build your dream team,
without spending a single dollar.